About us

“Papalino” is the leader in children’s clothing retail world in Moldova. We cater to the little  “fashionistas” and “fashionists” since 1999. Over this time we have proved to our buyers that we offer the highest quality and the latest and trendiest collections in the fashion world. We offer a wide selection of children and teen clothing that is made with natural fabrics and produced by renowned manufacturers with which we have been successfully cooperating for many years. By now, we served more than one generation – our original clientele has now grown-up and is returning to us with their children.  In our stores you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable sales personnel, who will help you choose the best quality, fashionable and comfortable items that your kids will be happy to wear. Prices at “Papalino” are affordable for all buyers, so you can dress-up your children as well as purchase high quality gifts at reasonable prices. “Papalino” brand has built its reputation on the market over many years and is associated with products you can trust.